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(I am at an arcade with my young cousins and am trying to win a prize in the claw machine. I am very bad at this. After a few tries I stop and turn to talk to my sister. An employee walks over and opens the machine and hands me the toy I had been trying to win.)
Me- Thank you so much.
Employee- You’re welcome.
(Later on my cousin wants me to win him a toy. I try to win it for him but, again, am not able to. The same employee walks over)
Employee- (opens machine and grabs the toy and gives it to my cousin)
Me- Thank you. He wanted me to win him something but I’m obviously not good at this. (Turns to cousin) What do you say?
Cousin- Thank you.
Me- Come on, let’s go play something else.
Employee- (Laughing) Yeah. You probably should. You kind of suck at this game.

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