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(So I worked at a greenhouse vendor for a popular supercenter. We deliver flowers and other plants to them, and I help the associates organize. One day I was told that geraniums needed to go, so I started throwing them out. One of the associates who never liked me from the get-go catches me and starts arguing. During this, a customer comes by and does her shopping, watching the fight between the associate and I. The associate gets mad and goes to find a manager.)

Customer: *laughs*

Me: *laughs a bit and shakes my head with a sigh* “Man…and here I was just trying to do my job.”

Customer: “Oh I saw it all. Every place has b****es, don’t they?”

Me: “Ain’t that the truth. Tried so hard not to just snap on her. She does this every time I work here.”

Customer: “Well you did a good job at not losing your cool. I’ve had to deal with people like that…let’s just say that I’m not that patient like you are.”

Me: *laughs* “My patience is running thin, that’s for damn sure.”

(After that, we talk a bit and I help her find what she needs. She leaves right as the associate and the manager comes up. It’s the end of the season now, and I had to leave that job due to lack of hours. I can’t wait until next summer though when I show back up.)

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