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[I work at a locally-owned store known for having a large variety of cheeses. As I am at the register, I see two women and a young boy walk through the door]

Boy: Can I have a (brand of cheese that comes in bite-size wheels)?

Woman 1: No! We’re at (store name), I’m not using this gift certificate on something like a (small cheese)!

[Later on, the women and the boy come up to my till with their purchases, though I don’t recognize them right away. As I ring their items through I notice that their total comes to just under what their gift certificate is worth.]

Me: Would you like to buy something else so you’re not left with just a few cents on your gift card?

Woman 1: Well, what would you suggest?

Me: Well… probably the cheapest thing we have are the (small cheeses) over there. *Points*

[The two women start laughing, and I join in once I remember their earlier conversation.]

Me: Okay, can I send this story in to Not Always Right?

Woman 2: I love that site!

Me: I’ll take that as a yes!

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