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(working cashier, phone rings & customer answers)

Me: “Hello thank you for calling *why would I tell you*”

– “Okay, listen, I got a printer and I wanted to if I get a paper manual with it – you know, just SOMETHING for me to hold onto!”

Me: “Let me check for you, one moment” *hold*

Me [radio]: “Do printers have physical manuals?”

Co-Worker (w/ tech experience): “No, they stopped doing that a few years ago or so. It’s all digital or on disc – saves paper.”

Me: “Thanks. *picks up* Thank you for holding, unfortunately printers don’t seem to come with paper manuals anymore. You should either have a disc or copy of a digital manual.”

– “WHAT. No, I am not going onto my computer for that. I have two discs here, one say HP LaserJet MFN Sofware and the other just says the name of the printer. Okay?! I have a light on my printer and the computer isn’t telling me anything – I wanna know what that is!”

Me: “Does the printer still work, no problems or error messages?”

– “Yes, I haven’t got a message or anything, I just wouldn’t have bought this damn printer if I knew it didn’t come with a manual. I might just return it!”

Me: “Well, that light doesn’t seem to mean an error otherwise your computer would have told you that. My best suggestion would be to goog-”

– “Do you even go there with me, I am NOT calling just to have to google something.”

Me: “If not, I could give you the HP product helpline right her-”

– “Sad. That’s just sad, you sell me something and cannot even tell me anything about it. I am taking my business elsewhere. Just sad. *hangs up*”

I can tell you I never dealt with her in store, but most people don’t shop for printers by manual type.

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