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Mean woman who because of her the store made many changes to the rules,asking about a lost photo of hers.
Me: Can you tell me what it looks like
Mean woman: Its my son on a donkey wearing big sunglasses.
Me:No I have not seen it,but if it is found it will go on the found wall.
Mean woman: Well look hard I am good friends with the owners. . She leaves a coworker speaks up.
Coworker: I know what happened to the photo.
Me: What?
Coworker:She brought in a box of books with the photo the owner saw it laughed at it the tore it up then tosses into the trash the toke the trash to the dump.
Me: I will remember that the next time she pitches a fit and so much for being a good friend of the owners.  And she pitched anther fit.

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