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| Unfiltered | June 7, 2018

This story happened several years ago, when I worked as a receptionist at a car repair shop. I’m a female, and not quite 21 when this story happened. Although I am still grateful I was raised very sheltered and only worked in several small shops previously, I had some eye-opening experiences at this job!

Caller: “I need my car fixed.”

Me: “Okay, sure thing! Let’s get you an appointment set up.”

Caller: “I don’t want an appointment! I need to just bring it in for an estimate!”

Me: “I understand, sir, but we have many other customers already scheduled in, and if you just walk in, you may be waiting a while. Appointments are free and no obligation.”

Caller: “No, you stupid b****! I f****** want to bring my f****** car in today! And I don’t want to f****** wait either!”

Me: “Sir, I need to ask you not to use that language. We would be happy to help you but an appointment will guarantee you don’t have to wait. I have one for -”

Caller: (interrupting) “F*** you, b****! I am coming whenever I f****** want to, and you’d better look at my f****** car immediately!”

He continues to rant at me, using multiple curse words, and I am more than a little shocked, as I had never been cursed out like that before. The assistant manager’s desk was just across the room from mine, and he sees my face.

Manager: (catches my eye) “What’s wrong?”

Me: (to caller) “Please hold, sir.” (I don’t give him a chance to reply before I put him on hold. He’s still ranting and cursing heavily as I do.) “[Manager], this guy won’t stop cursing! He wants to walk in and us to look at his car right away, but everyone who estimates is booked pretty solid throughout the day.”

Manager: “Transfer him to me.”

I don’t even try to explain things to the caller; I just hit the buttons to send the call to his desk line.

Manager: “Sir, this is [Name], I’m a manager here. My receptionist told me you want an estimate? … Yes sir, but we do have many customers who already have appointments so we can’t guarantee -” (He pauses, apparently being yelled at himself, and gives me a look.) “Sir – Sir – SIR I NEED YOU TO STOP AND LISTEN TO ME. We have tried to assist you, but you have insisted on acting very rudely to both our young receptionist and myself. I’m sorry, but we’re refusing you service. Do not come in or call back. Good-bye.” (hangs up and shakes his head at me) “Transfer me his call if he tries to call back.”

Thankfully the guy didn’t! I don’t know what kind of service he thought he could get with that attitude!

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