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(I work at a paint store. I wasn’t working, but one evening we got a call from a frantic lady saying we needed to tint some product we had never heard of. The only thing that employee said is that we can try it, but we can’t guarantee it.

I hear of this story the next morning when I come in for my shift. The lady calls again a little later and speaks with the assistant manager, who basically tells her the same thing: it’s a product we don’t know, it’s clear so we can’t tint it completely white like she wants, and we cannot guarantee it, even though she wants us to. My assistant manager says we can try it if they bring it in, but is sure to tell her we canNOT guarantee the product will come out the way they want or work the same way. The lady is angry but agrees.

The next day, a man comes in like he owns the place. He demands we tint all of the product he brought, orders us around like we’re his employees, and tries to tell us how to do our jobs. We go out to his car to get the product and find it’s in weird 3.5 gallon buckets, which we cannot tint reliably OR shake in our paint can shakers. We tell him we just can’t do it.)

Entitled man: I cannot BELIEVE you would tell us you would guarantee that this would work. I want your number, your manager’s number, your sales rep’s number, your regional manager’s number, and corporate’s number! You’re going to hear from me again!

(We awkwardly pack all of his product back into his car and he leaves in a huff. The rest of the day is spent in quiet, awkward stress, and randomly shaking our heads going “Geez. People!!”)

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