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| Unfiltered | June 5, 2018

( A woman through drive through is pointing at me accusingly and yelling at my coworker, worried that I had screwed up her drink order I turned to face her)
Me: I’m so sorry, what seems to be the problem
Her: Were either of you two the one taking my order?!
Me: No, did we make a mistake?
Her: Whoever took my order was very rude!
(Knowing which order she was talking about I disagreed, as it had been a very typical order placed, if anything it was more polite than average because the girl taking orders tends to go the extra mile)
Me: I’m sorry, why was that?
Her: I do not come here to be told yeah!
Me: …Wut
Her: It’s yes NOT yeah!!
Me: Wait, what?
Her: How do I contact your manager?
Coworker: Just call the store’s number… I guess (Looks at me confused)
(The lady drives off in a fit)
Me: How is that rude..?
(This is a serious question, please tell me how that can be construed as rude.)
Coworker: What the fuck?
(After informing our supervisor of what happened she told us not to worry about it and promised to tell her not to return if she called)

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