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I work for a cell phone carrier as a sales rep. Pretty much cell phones, tablets, and all the other stuff that comes with it. On Sunday we close up shop at 6pm.  We had been dead all day so we started closing a few minutes earlier to get out at exactly 6. We finish locking everything up and close the drawers, and at 6 exactly We clock out, put our coats on to leave and lo and behold a customer walks in with his friend.

Customer : You guys open?
Me : Sorry we just closed. We open tomorrow at 9am.
Customer : well I am just upgrading my phone.
Me : Again, sorry we are closed and–
Customer(cutting me off) : Well I just walked in the f*****g door so you’re open. So you’re going to upgrade my phone you c**sucker.

Now at this point my manager steps in, he’s an ex-MMA fighter and looks like a lumberjack. And in a surprisingly calm voice tells the customer to leave the store.

Customer looking at his name tag : You’re the manager here, if he won’t give me a phone you’re going to do it for me right now.
Manager : Sir, as he stated we are closed and I’m going to have to ask you to leave.

The customer gets into his face and threatens to fight him.

Manager stands his ground and makes himself ready to defend himself when the customers friend looks him over and recognises my manager.

Friend : Dude that’s (NAME)! Don’t do it, let’s get out of here.

The guys face goes white and they both back out and leave. My manager looks at me and says “That’s a shame, I really wanted him to take a swing at me. Come on, let’s go get a beer.”

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