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(Note: This takes place very shortly after the 3rd Hunger Games movie, The Mockingjay pt 1, has just come out in theatres. I also just happen to be in my twenties and enjoy reading young adult fiction, and have read both the Hunger Games and Divergent trilogies so I’m very familiar with the books and movies for both. An older- though not elderly- lady comes up to me.)
Lady: “Hi, I’m looking for the third book in that series… The movie just came out.”
Me: “The Hunger Games?”
Lady: “Yes, I think that’s it… What was the third one? Does it start with an ‘A’?”
Me: “Noo… The Mockingjay is the third book in that series, and that’s the movie that just came out last week.” *hands her a copy of the Mockingjay*
Lady: “Oh… No, I thought it started with an ‘A’…”
Me: *knowing that people frequently compare/confuse the two* “Could it be the Divergent series you’re looking for? The third book in that one is called Allegiant… Here.” *hands her a copy of Allegiant*
Lady: “Yes, that could be it, because I’m sure it starts with an ‘A’! Did that one just come out in a movie?”
Me: “No. They made a movie of the first book, Divergent, but that was a while ago… They haven’t made Allegiant into a movie at all.”
Lady: *starting to look somewhat flustered* “Oh no, that’s not right. It’s a new movie, my nephew and his girlfriend just went to see it the other day, and they wanted the book. But I’m positive it started with an ‘A’! I don’t want to get the wrong one!”
Me: “Well, if they went to see the movie, then that’s the Mockingjay… But if you’re sure it starts with ‘A’ then that’s Allegiant. But there’s no movie for that one.”
Lady: “Oh, this is so confusing… I’m so positive they said it started with ‘A’…”
Me: “Then you want Allegiant.”
Lady: “But you said that one isn’t a movie? I know they said it was the book for a movie… They just went to see it and it was really popular.”
Me: “Then it’s definitely the Mockingjay. That’s the only popular movie based off a book trilogy that’s come out recently.”
Lady: “But I’m so sure they said it was an ‘A’! Oh, I don’t know which one to get! I can’t get them the wrong one!”
(At this point we’ve literally just been going in circles with this conversation for a good 5 minutes at least. I’m not sure what else I can do to help her when she’s so positive that the book starts with ‘A’ and has been recently released as a movie- it clearly can’t be both, and she can’t decide which one she needs. I ended up suggesting she call to figure out which one it is, and had to leave to help other customers. I never found out what she ended up doing but I hope she got the right book after all that!)

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