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| Unfiltered | June 5, 2018

(I am 20, and have just moved to Ireland by myself. This is my first time in a local supermarket. I’m at the cash register.)

Cashier: *rapidly in a bored voice* Do-you-want-a-bike?
Me: *thinking I’d misheard* Sorry?
Cashier: *a bit more loudly* Do-you-want-a-bike?
Me: Uh… no, thank you. I just got one. It’s waiting outside. *awkward chuckle*
Cashier: Well, didn’t it occur to you to maybe bring it in with you?
Me: I… uh, no, it didn’t. I’ve never heard of such thing, to be honest.

(The cashier just looks at me oddly, and we finish the transaction. I realize I wasn’t given a bag, but I’m feeling completely baffled, and just want to leave. I grab my stuff as best as I can and scramble out of the store. Then it hits me. The cashier asked me if I needed a bag, not a bike! I burst into hysterical laughter. Next time I brought my own bag.)

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