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(Note: I have multiple piercings, including my eyebrow, which has a very small spiked stud in it. I also happen to have a fairly unusual eye colour. I frequently get comments on both of these things. Also note this customer is an elderly woman.)
Customer: “Oh, you have such lovely eyes, beautiful colour-”
Me: “Thank you!”
Customer: “-why would you go and ruin it with that horrible spike in your face?!”
Me: “…”
Customer: “They’re such a beautiful colour, not like plain old boring brown eyes, and you could be so pretty, but adding that thing just takes away from the natural colour of your eyes!”
Me: “Um…”
(She continued along those lines for the duration of the transaction. I hadn’t realized my manager had been close enough to hear, but after the woman was out of earshot-)
Manager: *smirking* “Yeah, [my name], why do you keep adding those things to your face?”
Me: “Funny…”
(I’m so glad someone was amused by that woman’s rant; I sure wasn’t! I can’t believe some of the things people find it acceptable to say to a complete stranger!)

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