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, | Unfiltered | June 3, 2018

One late January night, I answer the phone at the hotel I’m working for which was under renovation at the time (2006).

Me:  Thank you calling Galleria Palms, this is Elizabeth, how may I help you?

Woman:  Hi, is this (name of some other business)?

Me:  No, it’s not, this is the Galleria Palms hotel.  Do you need to make a reservation?

Woman:  Oh, I must have dialed a wrong number!  I’m pregnant, and so forgetful.  Do you know what’s that like?

Me:  Noooo….

This woman rambles on and on and on and I couldn’t find a way to end the call.  When my relief came in ten minutes later, I placed her on hold, explained the situation, and let him pick up from there.  She hung up after he gave his own greeting.

A year later – January 2007 – I’m working the same shift – at a different hotel – and I get a call from the SAME lady, with the SAME excuse of being forgetful and pregnant.  I was able to put her on hold politely (even though there wasn’t anything else going on) long enough till she hung up.  I never did hear from her again.

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