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Prank Phone Call

My job is an administration job, and during the week, I am raising credit claims, and calling suppliers for credit claims, which usually means that I do not deal with Customer Enquiries. But on the weekend, I assist with the Cash Desk Duties and Reception Duties, as I am fully trained to do so. This particular story happened on the weekend when I was working on the Cash Desk and Reception. Our store sells, Kitchen Appliances, Small Kitchen Appliances, Bathrooms and Laundry Appliances, but some of our neighbouring stores sell other items like computers, and very often customers get us mixed up)

The Phone starts to ring…
Me: (picks up the phone to answer) (NAME OF STORE & LOCATION) How may I direct your call?

Caller: (In a very ‘obviously attempted’ Native Australian Accent) Listen, I was in your shop yesterday looking at your computers (we don’t sell computers) and I left me 2 year old daughter in your store… I’ve lost her.. can you see if she’s there?

Me: (Straight away, I know that this call is not a legimitate customer issue or query and may cause some security issues, so I try to be as discreet as possible with the information I give out, at the same times as not losing my cool to the caller on the phone) If you were in our store yesterday, and you said you left your daughter in here, she would definitley not be in here anymore, as our store franchisee would know, and he would get a phone call in the middle of the night from security telling him that the alarm went off. But he would definitley not lock up the store with a small child remaining in side. So I can definitley tell you your daughter is not in this store, and also we do not sell computers at this store, could it have been a different store?

Caller: I know my daughter is in your store… I left her there, did you check everywhere? She could of stayed there overnight?

Me: This is the (Location) Store, are you sure it was our store? We are a small store, and we had no one in our store last night that should not have been when we locked up. None of the sales men have mentioned a lost girl? But I am very happy to keep my eyes out for you? Have you mentioned this to the police?

Caller: No way, you see… I was drunk when I lost my girl… and I don’t want to get the cops involved! Look my little girl could be out there now, she could be getting murdered by some freak! Why can’t you just get up and have a look for me?!!

Me: Oh I see, well if I see anything I would be very happy to let you know! What were your details?

Caller: My daughter’s getting killed right now and you want my details??!! How the hell is that going to help?! Where the f*** is my child?! You’s a useless! You can’t even help me find my child? What the b***** h***!

Me: Well, if you are unhappy with our service would you like me to go? I am sorry we could not help you further, but like I said, I am very happy to take down your details and call you if we see anything.

Caller: Fine… but what if my daughter is being killed right now, and you won’t help me! I’m just gonna get more drunk because you won’t help me find my daughter!

Me: Well it is unfortunate that you won’t call the police, because you were drunk when you lost her, but I think that it would be the best solution, as they can do a search for her! But try not to drink at the moment because how are you going to find your daughter if you are drunk?

Caller: Look I’m trying to get off the alcohol, I need to for me daughter. I don’t know if she went to a friends house you know.

Me: Well, like I said I can take down your details and as soon as your daughter shows up in the store we will let you know, but we can’t let you know if you don’t leave us any details!

Caller: My names (made up name)

Me: Your phone number please?

Caller: (gave us the number of the legal brothel near the cities casino)

Me: And your street address please? Just in case we find your daughter, we can call her a cab so she can go home straight away?

Caller: (Made up street address, near the brothel and casino) you fullaz better call me if you find her.. she’s my daughter!

Me: Okay, we will most definitley do this.

Caller: Can you put me through to your computer department, I want to buy 2 of your laptops,


Customer: Yeh, I want to buy 2 of your laptops.

Me: I’m very sorry, we don’t sell computers, camera’s, tv’s, anything to do with them.

Customer: What store is this?

Me: (Name & Location of the store)

Customer: Oh…. (hangs up phone)

I then proceed to contact the police, I am sure that the details are false, and let the police know that it was a couple of pranksters but at least I can make them aware of the situation, in case it happens again.

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