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Our store is the Head Office Location, as well as a Retail Store and the location for the commercial store, as well we have the clearance centre 2 doors down from us. At the moment we are extremely busy, and I am working the Reception as well as doing some Administration Jobs and assisting on the Cash Desk at the same time, we have 5 of us employed to the various duties at the same time. We have recently had a few stores shut down due to the recession, and at the moment, our telephones are receiving all the phone calls for the 3 stores that have closed, as well as the clearance centre phone call, commercial phone calls, Head Office phone calls, and also phone calls for our floor staff. Occassionally we get some lines crossed, and we end up receiving phone calls for completely difference locations that are not linked to our store. On this one occasion I have had a very confused gentleman call me.

Me: (Store Name & Location) How may I direct your call?

Caller: (Asian Man on the other End) You HANG UP ON ME! That is so rude!! I trying to get the number from you! Give me the Number now!!

Me: I am very sorry, I don’t recall hanging up on anyone recently, you do know this is a retail store that you have called?

Caller: (Shouting) YOU HANG UP ON ME! Whats the point of dialing your stupid numbers if you CANNOT Help ME!!

Me: I’m sorry…. were you after caller directory? This is (Store Name & Location) a retail store?

Caller: Are you idiot??? Give me the number now!!!!

Me: Ummm…… What number were you after?

Caller: I JUS TOLD YOU!!

Me: I don’t recall you telling me any number I’m sorry…


Me: Again, can I please clarify this is a R-E-T-A-I-L Store!!


Me: All I can do for you is google the number, because, like I told you… we are a RETAIL Store….


Me: Alright.. but all I did was google it? (Recites number)

Caller:…. hangs up

Me to my Coworker: You would not believe the call I just had….!

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