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(I am working the drive through for a fast food restaurant that is next door to a coffee store. A customer drives up.)

Me: “Thanks for choosing [Our Store], would you like to try our new [Sandwich]?”
Customer: “No! I want a [Coffee drink]!”
Me: “I’m sorry sir, but we don’t serve [Coffee drink], it’s right next-”
Customer: “What the ****? What [Coffee store] doesn’t sell [Coffee drink]?”
Me: “Sir, we aren’t [Coffee store], we’re [Our store]!”
Customer: “I’m pulling up to your window!”

(The customer pulls up to our window, where my manager, wearing a shirt, apron, hat, and name tag that all have our store’s logo prominently displayed on them, greets him.)

Manager: “I’m sorry sir, but we are not [Coffee Store].”
Customer: “What do you mean you aren’t [Coffee store]?”
Manager: “[Coffee store] is right next door. This is [Our store].”
Customer: *looks at my manager’s uniform, then at the signs in the window which also have our logo* “Oh. Why the **** didn’t your employee say that?”

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