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(I’m a writer who has been published in one anthology and I’ve been frequenting this one particular cafe for years, so much so that I’ve written quite a lot of my stories there. I gave the store three copies of the book as I pretty much know everyone in that shop.)

Barista: “Hi, Ms. [Name]! Good to see you today! May I have your drink order?”

(When I give my order, three girls who used to bully me in high school come in line. Automatically, they start smirking and rolling their eyes at me. I have severe anxiety and was bullied for most of my life so I just kind of shrink away, wanting the barista to process my order more quickly but not wanting to say anything. Another barista I talk to pretty frequently catches my eye from the bar and he runs to the back room. When he gets back, he has an obviously well-read copy of the book where I’m published.)

Barista #2: “Ms. [Name], could I have your autograph?”
Me: *trying to look like I do this all the time* “Oh, yeah. Sure!” *signs the appropriate page*
Barista #2: “I loved your story! Are you writing anything new now?”
Me: “Oh, well, I’m working on my new screenplay for a feature length movie.”

(This goes on and I’m honestly feeling like a million bucks, which is great. The girls, from the corner of my eye, kind of start to edge away. The first barista finishes up my order. Needless to say, that was the best bully comeback ever! And I didn’t even have to say anything to them!)

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