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One day when I worked at a luxury lingerie store I had 2 Russian women come in, they tried on all the same things, in the same room. A few minutes later a Russian man came in and asked for the women. I directed him to them. They all spend a while in the room whispering in Russian and giggling every time I went to check on them. Finally the women leave shooting me a strange look and still whispering in Russian, and the man follows behind shortly, carrying 2 of several items to the register.
I ring him up, carefully package the items and hand him the bag. He just stared at me a moment then flipped over his receipt and hands me my pen and says:
‘Write your number down here. I’ll call you’.
Me: ‘Sir thank you, but I don’t think my boyfriend or your girlfriends would appreciate that very much.’
Customer: ‘My girls don’t mind at all and your boyfriend does not need to know. Your number now, please.’
Me: handing him my store business card which only has the company number on it ‘this is the number to the store, I’d be glad to help the 3 of you again with a purchase and only a purchase. Have a wonderful evening.’
Customer: ‘You American women can be so difficult.’
He finally got the hint and left.

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