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(I live in a city that’s not very far from the English coast. I’m queuing at the checkout. The cashier is ringing up for a lady. He says the price and she gives him a coupon.)

Cashier: “I’m sorry, Ma’am. You cannot pay with this. It’s a 15 euros coupon and your amount is 10.63 euros.”

Customer (in English): “Please, I’d like to pay for my purchases.”

Cashier (still in French): “If you give me this, you’ll have to spend all of it! I cannot give you the missing 5 euros, that’s our policy!”

Customer (still in English): “I know this coupon is valid. Please, I’d just like to pay!”

(At this point, I’m wondering who’s stupider: the manager who hired someone who doesn’t know English in our city, or the tourist who didn’t even learn how to say “please, do you speak English?” in French before coming.)

Me (awkwardly, in English): “Madam, he’s telling you that if you pay with this card, he won’t be able to give you the missing money back.”

Customer: “That’s OK, I don’t mind giving all of it.”

Me (in French): “She says she’s ok with paying with her whole coupon.”

Cashier: “OK, thank you.”

(The lady gives her coupon and leaves with her purchases. The cashier smiles at me.)

Cashier: “It’s nice to be nice with English people!”

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