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We have a regular commonly referred to as “The Red-Head B****”. She is unpleasant and rude. Any time someone different is on a shift, she makes ridiculous complaints. It’s completely dead and very quiet the day before a holiday; I am chatting quietly with a close coworker on my break, discussing my mat-leave options (yay!).
RHB: *calls out loudly 2 tables away* “Well, your personal problems sound very upsetting.”

We are silent; what can she mean? It hits me like a ton of bricks (I look younger than I am) and I lose it a bit after months of her daily abuse, and march to her table.

Me: “Are you referring to the fact that I’m pregnant?”

*She arches eyebrow smugly*

Me: “Yeah, Look. I’m 25, I’ve been happily married for 2 years, and we’ve been hoping for a baby. Also, this is not my ‘real’ job; I actually own and operate a successful event floral design company. I’ve seen you enjoying the designs I bring in. So maybe before you decide to judge and run your mouth, you can remember that we all know you’re unpleasant to us daily because you are a sad, empty woman. We feel sorry for you.”


Me: *scarily pleasant* “So are y’done here? Can I take these for you?” (her dishes)

RHB: “Uh….yes. I’m all done.”

*Owners commend me, loudly declaring “THAT RED-HEAD-B****TCH!”*

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