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(I work in a phone shop, while half my job involves selling mobile phones and tablets, the other half is support for these products. I’ve spent the past 20 minutes sitting down with an elderly gentleman who’s having trouble using his new smartphone. After cleaning up the home screen I show him a brief tutorial, as simplified as I can.)

Me: “I hope that clears everything up, was there anything else you wanted me to show you?”

Customer: “Oh, no thank you, you’ve been just lovely!”

Me: “Not a problem, it was my pleasure.”

Customer: “Will you be my granddaughter?”

(I chuckle at this, albeit nervously.)

Me: “I think they’d miss me here, I’m afraid.”

(He looks a little dejected before smiling at me and shaking my hand.)

Customer: “Well you’d make a lovely granddaughter! I’ll be coming back here to see you!”

Me: “I’ll be here!”

(Of all the things I’ve been offered at my job, this one was probably the sweetest.)