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(My twin brother, his girlfriend and I are hanging out. There’s a costume party we were invited to attend the next month.)

Girlfriend: “So, I was thinking we could get costumes that match!”

Brother: “What was the theme again?”

Me: “None, you can go as anything. I’m going as The Question. My girlfriend is going as Batwoman.”

Brother: “We can do superheroes as well.”

Girlfriend: “But which ones? I want to wear something sexy.”

Brother: “As long as you remember I’m your boyfriend. We could be Deadpool and Domino?”

Me: “Or Black Canary and Green Arrow.”

Girlfriend: “How about Harley and the Joker? I hear it’s pretty popular.”

Brother: “I don’t feel comfortable dressing up as a guy who abuses his girlfriend and is the cause of her mental instability.”

Girlfriend: “But Harley is pretty, we’re both blond and you’d look good dressed like Jared Leto.”

Me: “Black Canary is also blond.”

Brother: “I’d rather carry a quiver.”

Me: “Here’s a picture of Black Canary’s classic costume.”

Girlfriend: “Sold!”