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, | Unfiltered | June 13, 2018

(I’m on the register at work and it’s an extremely busy day. I run completely out of ones and call on he radio for change, and switch my register to card only since our only other register is also going. We have a single line where the customer will go to the next register available and no signs to say I’m a card only register, meaning I have to yell for the next customer with a card whenever one leaves my registers. I notice a bunch of people in line going to my coworkers register with gift cards even though they noticed me yell for cards so I change up how I bring the next customer over right as my manager is walker in.)

Me: “Next customer paying with a card! Any card! Gift card, debit card, store card—”

Manager: “Food stamps!”

Me: “Don’t lie [Manager], people will probably believe you.”

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