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(I’m walking to the warehouse. Down one aisle I get stopped by a customer wanting some help.)

Customer: “What other dog beds have you got in?”

Me: *I point to the top shelf where our dog beds are stored* “This is our current range. What size bed were you after?”

Customer: “Bigger one for a Labrador.”

Me: “Okay. Well our biggest beds are these here, and they are £7.99.”

Customer: “You had other ones for cheaper on your website.”

Me: “Sorry, but not all stores stock what you see on the website. Have you tried [closest store]?”

Customer: “No I haven’t got time.”

(I wait patiently while he considers the choices.)

Customer: “Have you got any of them with the toys?”

Me: “Yes. This £7.99 bed comes with a free dog toy.”

Customer: “Well if I don’t want the free toy can I have it for cheaper?”

Me: “…sorry, sir, but we cannot reduce this item even if we take the toy off.”

Customer: “I don’t want it!”

Me: “But it’s free. The price will stay the same even without the toy, because the toy doesn’t cost anything.”

Customer: *finally realises his mistake* “I’ll just take it then!”

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