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(I’m working the self scan. This customer has entered in the plu for green pepper, thus prompting the quantity screen. He’s cleared it and restarted it a few times when he finally calls me over.)

Customer: yeah these are supposed to be done by weight but, it keeps asking for quantity!

Me: earlier this last month, they changed green peppers to be done by quantity and broccoli to be done by weight.

Customer: no. These are done by weight. Your signs say so!

Me: I’m sorry. They’ve updated the system, its by quantity. (he has 3 so, I type it in for him)

Customer: what did that cost then?!

Me: looks like $4

Customer: that was only a $1 something per pound! Take it back. I don’t want it!

(the customer next to him calls me over)

Customer #2: hey so, these green peppers keep asking for quantity but, its by weight..

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