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I work in a small knife store in a mall, there are usually two of us in at a time so we don’t have to close the store for half an hour, my coworker was sitting in the back room eating her lunch which means that I was out on the floor by myself, a customer comes in

Customer: *points to a $130 knife* I would like to purchase this knife

(I grab the customers knife box it up and proceed to scan it through the total brings the knife to around $140 with gst)

Customer: *in a condescending tone* $140 that’s too expensive, I would like a discount

Me: I’m sorry Ma’am I cant offer a discount on this product

Customer: Why the f**k not?

Me: Because it isn’t on sale, if you work in the culinary industry you can get 20% off of a kitchen knife, but I can’t offer discounts to people because I’m not a manager, if we offer discounts to people on sporting knives we can get written up and possibly fired.

Customer: well I work in the cullinary industry, where is my 20% ?

Me: Again, it doesnt include sporting knives, and I would need to see a student I.D. Card, a paystub, or anything else that proves you are either a cullinary student, or work in a kitchen.

(after going back and forth with this customer for about 10 minutes my coworker comes out to grab her bottle of water and goes back in to the back room to finish her lunch)

Customer: If I knew your coworker was here I would have got her to help me, she always offers me a discount whenever I come in, I’m positive that if she gives me the employee discount you can too.

(At this point I know she is lying because 1) we can not offer employee discounts, HR keeps track and we can be fired for giving a customer a discount without a reason, and 2) the managers are the only ones who can give employee discounts, a code is generated for them every day to enter into the system for a discount, so there is no way that an employee would be able to do an employee discount for a customer and 3) the only discount the associates can offer is 20% off and that’s for people who work in the culinary industry and are buying kitchen knives)

Me: (playing along with her lie) Oh, why didn’t you say so? I’ll go grab my coworker right now, since she helps you all the time I’m sure she will be more than happy to help you out again.

Customer: oh no, that’s okay I don’t want to disturb her, if she’s on her lunch

Me: It wont be a problem at all, just give me one moment.

(I put the knife behind the counter so she couldn’t steal it, as I grabbed my coworker, we walked out of the back room to see she was gone, I got a 4 day work weekend, which was disrupted by a call from my boss, the lady came in again while I was off, and she told my manager that any time she was in I gave her employee discounts, we got the lady up on the security camera and she isn’t allowed in the store any more)

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