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(This one is my bad. My apartment complex has the option to pay rent online, which I prefer, and recently revamped their site. Basically, this just meant that I had to register and set up my payment account like when I first moved in, no big deal. But I made a typo in my bank account number when I set up the payment account and so my rent payment was returned to me with a notice to pay again – with an added ‘return payment fee’ of $35. Understandably, when I received this notice I was confused and upset. $35 is a lot to a college student. It doesn’t really matter what I wrote to the apartment management. I was certainly not awful but there was some definite passive aggression and not-so-subtle finger-pointing. I had indicated that I was upset that apparently they had charged my account without checking with the bank that my submitted info was accurate. This is why we don’t send emails when we’re upset, kids. ;P Here was the manager’s response.)

Manager: Unfortunately, we cannot confirm bank account information. When you set up your payment account we take the info you put into the system and it is then sent to the bank for completion. Only the bank can confirm this info. They tell us whether or not the info is accurate either allow or deny a transaction. We are not a bank so we don’t know what that info might be. Does that make sense?

As far as the fee goes, it’s costly when a business runs inaccurate info and comes back as non-account. That fee is then passed along to the account holder. I am happy to waive it as a one time courtesy.

Me: Thank you for the explanation. I apologize if I came off as short with you.

Manager: It’s not a problem. Payment issues are always frustrating! Enjoy your weekend!

Me: They are! If I mess it up a second time, I’ll really deserve to pay that fee. Thanks for the understanding.

(Maybe it seems like a small thing, but she handled my situation so calmly and logically that everything de-escalated pretty much immediately. It’s honestly a huge relief! Once I’d cooled down, I felt so guilty about sending that first email that I was really just glad that her response gave me an opportunity to apologize. Kudos to that woman.)

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