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(we sell ‘choc tops’ – a scoop of ice-cream dipped in chocolate dip. This is very popular with our elderly patrons. However, we have a few flavours of ice-cream which can be confusing as people inadvertently order the incorrect item only for us to retrieve it and them refuse it or return it etc. Thus we have learned to clarify their orders from the outset.)

Elderly man: “Hi! Can I have a chocolate choc top!”

Me: “Of course! Was that with vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream”

Elderly man: “I want the one with the chocolate!”

Me: “All of them come dipped in chocolate, but we offer a few different flavours. I’m wondering if you would like vanilla ice-cream dipped in chocolate, or chocolate ice cream dipped in chocolate”

Elderly: “Oh.. the normal one!”

(I retrieve the vanilla choc top)

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