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We have a huge sale between boxing day and new year. Everything is on sale I have a customer looking at sewing machines.

Customer *guesturing towards sewing machine. “I want that one”

Me “Ok, just let me check it as we don’t have any stock left and this display machine is the only one we have left”.

I can’t find the box it came out of.

Me “Sorry but I can’t let you have that one, because it’s box is missing”.

Customer “Why not?”

Me “All the accessories, including the power cord were in the box”.

Customer “Can you look again”

(I check everywhere and can’t find it).

Me “I am sorry it can’t be sold, especially not without a power cord.”

Customer “What if you find the pieces, I’ll miss out on the machine”

Me “I’ll take your name and number”

Customer “What if someone else sells it?:

Me *having already picked it up “I’m taking it off the floor”

Customer “Tell (manager) that he needs to work something out for me, I want that machine and I am a regular”.

I put the machine out the back and the note in our reciepts box that get’s sorted each day.  I do another search for the box andI forget to talk to my manager about it due to being so busy with the sale, he been off for two day.  The customer rings back.

Customer “What’s happened about that machine”

Me “I’ve searched and can’t find the accessories”

Customer “Can I still buy it?’

Me “You won’t be able to use it”

Customer “Why not?”

Me “Because it’s got no power cord”

Customer “So why can’t I buy it”

Me “It’s got no power cord, it needs electricity to run”.

Customer “Ohh, it’s missing it cord is it?  Tell manager to look after me”

After she hangs up and I finally get a moment to talk to manager.

Me “(Manager) (regular) wants this sewing machine but it’s got no cord or parts.  She wants you to look after her as she is a regular”.

Manager “So how am I supposed to that?  Have you looked?”

Me “Yes I looked several times”

Manager “Well nothing I can do then”.

Me “Can you call her and explain, she won’t listen to me”.

Manager “Nope nothing I can do”.

May have lost a regular, an extremely annoying one who wastes staff’s time more than she spends.

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