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(I work at a fairly popular fast food restaurant. We offer small, medium, and large as sizes for combos. Customer #1 is about 10. Customers 2 and 3 are her grandparents. They are all paying together.)
Me: Hi, what can I get for you tonight?
Customer #1: I’d like the 10 piece chicken nuggets with honey mustard.
Me: Do you want that in the combo or just the nuggets?
Customer #1: I want that in the combo with a [lemon-lime drink].
Me: Okay. What else can I get for you?
Customer # 2: I want a [burger combo] small, with a diet,
Me: Okay, what else can I get for you?
Customer #3: I want a [burger combo] medium-
Customer #2: You want a small in that dear.
Customer #3: No, I don’t. I want a medium. I’m hungry. Stop telling me what I want. I know what I want!
(That was one of the funnier interactions I’ve gotten. The little girl came up later and wished us well before they left.)

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