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(I work at a popular home improvement store. Associates are allowed to give customers up to $50 off items or total transaction. However, there has to be genuine reason for a discount.)

Customer: “Excuse, do you know anything about garbage disposals?”

Me: “Yes, sir. What did you wanna know?”

Customer: “What’s the difference between all of these?”

Me: *begins explaining the basic, most common disposals* “…the 500 is the most popular because it has half horsepower, but better priced than the others. Now, the 900 has three-fourths horsepower, and stainless steel grindage–but, I’d only recommend this if you cook a lot and throw a lot of scraps down the disposal-”

Customer: “I’ll take the 900 for the bulk price.”

(Note: For our disposals, we have a “bulk price” meaning if you buy 3 or more disposals, the price goes down about $20-$30 dollars. In this case, the 900 model is $139, the bulk price is $119.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. But, the bulk price is only if you buy 3 or more.”

Customer: “Well, I want that price for just one.”

Me: “Sir, I can’t do that. $139 is the price.”

Customer: “Oh, come on. I spend a lot of money in here. Managers ring me up and take discounts off all the time! That’s why I love this place.”

Me: “Well, sir, I can’t just be giving out discounts without a valid reason. I could get in trouble.”

Customer: “What? No way. Seriously, I buy a lot of washers, dishwashers and I’m always given something off. You all bargain with me.”

Me: “…um.”

Customer: “Just call your manager. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.”

Me: “Alright. I’ll call him.”

(I call my manager up and low and behold, he says no to marking down the disposal as the bulk price is there for a reason. However, the manager agrees to come and talk to the customer.)

Manager: “So, how can I help you, sir?”

Customer: “Yes, this young lady was trying to upsale me, and I want this model at the bulk price.”

Manager: “Why?”

Customer: *baffled* “What do you mean ‘why’?”

Manager: “I mean, why am I giving you a discount? There needs to be a valid reason.”

Customer: “Valid reason? No, I buy a lot of washers and dryers and you all take money off all the time.”

Me: *finally understanding* “Well, sir, that is because we always have some kind of sale going on for appliances…10% off or Buy More, Save More…but, not on garbage disposals.”

Manager: “Exactly, and I can’t mark merchandise down.”

Customer: “Yes, you can. I’ve seen managers do it before.”

Manager: *sighs* “Technically, I can. But, again, there has to be a valid reason. And, there is none. So, $139 is the price of the disposal. I’m not going to change it.”

(The customer finally gives up and we all walk away. Later, as I am standing with two of my coworkers, the customer approaches again.)

Customer: *whips out phone* “Look! Online that 900 model is $118 on your website. You can match that price.”

Coworker #1: “That was actually a special promotion.”

Me: “Yes. During Black Friday, we received a limited quantity of the 900 models at that price. Those were the only ones that were $118.”

Customer: “But it’s the exact same thing you have here in the store!”

Coworker #1: “Yes, but, like I said, those were on a special promotion.”

Me: “Those specific 900 models have a different UPC code than our regular stock ones. So, even though they’re the exact same thing…our system recognizes them as two separate items. Therefore, two separate prices.”

Customer: “But it says pick up in store!”

Coworker #2: “We sold out of the special promo 900 models two weeks ago.”

Me: “I’m surprised any stores still have them. You can, of course, pick up from there or have it shipped to your house.”

Customer: *huffs* “That’s ridiculous! This is such an inconvenience!”

(Customer storms off back to the disposals. Meanwhile, I get pulled away by a phone call. Coworker #2 deals with another customer. Later, Coworker #1 is summoned by the original customer.)

Customer: “Do any of these come with a power cord?”

Coworker #1: “No. That’s because every house is different. Some have plugs in odd places. Some are hardwired. It’s always different.”

Customer: “Ugh! You know what? I saw the 500 model for $90 on Amazon. I’m just gonna order it online!”

Coworker #1: “Well, good for you, sir.”