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This customer came in at 3 pm on this particular day…

Me: “Hi, how’s it goin’?”

Customer: (as he mindlessly picks up a menu and tosses it back on the counter, immediately, without looking at it) You guys got any menus around here?”

Me: “… Yeah, you just had one.”

Customer: “You guys do smoothies?”

Me: “Yes, but breakfast ends at 11:30, and smoothies are on the breakfast menu, so – ”

Customer: (looking all over the place without really looking at anything) – What about bagels, you guys got any bagels?”

Me: “… We do, but breakfast ends at 11:30, sir.  I’m sorry.”

Customer: “Hm.  Wanna do me uuhhh salmon bagel with no onions?”

Me: “… Breakfast ends at 11:30.”

Customer: “Ugh, Jesus.”

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