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(I’m picking up my prescription at a pharmacy. I walk in on a conversation between a woman and the pharmacist. They are discussing a prescription she is picking up for her husband. )

Woman: Well this bottle won’t fit!
Pharmacist: I can put it into smaller bottles for you, if you want.
Woman: I requested that it be  left in the original bottles!
Pharmacist: I understand that ma’am, but maybe we can just put it in bottles about the same size as them.
Woman: I want to know who filled my prescription.
Pharmacist: Our pharmacy tech, Nadine, ma’am.
Woman: Well I want to talk to Nadine!
(A woman who is at the drop off counter working on the computer speaks up.)
Nadine: I’m Nadine, and I filled your prescription. I just count out the pills and put them in the bottle. If there are 30 in a bottle, I empty however many bottles it takes to fill the prescription.
Woman: Well I specifically requested that they be left in the original bottles. You don’t have to count them, just give me 9 of the original bottles.
Nadine: I don’t look at whose name is on the prescription, ma’am. I just count what the paper says.
Woman: But I requested the original bottles!
Pharmacist: We fill 300 prescriptions a day. That’s 1500 a week, and only one person who wants them in the original bottles.
(At this point, I am being helped by another pharmacy tech, and there are two people behind me watching the spectacle.)
Woman: Let me see the original bottles.
Pharmacist: (*retrieves a bottle*) Like I said, I can put it in smaller bottles if it will fit better.
Woman: I understand that, but I’m the customer, and I have requested that it be left in the original bottles. I expect that to happen next time.
Pharmacist: I’ll see what I can do ma’am.

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