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(I run a small convenience store with my nephew. We are in the middle of a town center so get loads of young people hanging about at night. Most are nice enough and come in for drinks and snacks, etc and dont give us any trouble. Then one night one guy who we never seen before comes in looking shifty. I discreatly follow him and see him slip a few chocolate bars into his jacket, then go to the till where my nephew is)

Guy: Just a lucky dip for tonights lottery mate

Me: You want the chocolate as well?

Guy: What chocolate?

Me: What I saw you put in your pocket

Guy: You lie!

Me: Dont give me that bulls**t

(I quickly get him against the wall, holding him by the throat, and grab the chocolate out his pocket)

Guy: *almost choking* I got that from (store) up the road!

Me: Now we know thats a lie as Im the only one in this town who sells this. *nephew* call the police

Nephew: Ok, but let him go, youre hurting him

Me: I know I am. But We’ll let the police sort that one out

Guy: I aint coming in here again!

Me: Funny isnt it? You aint welcome in here again

(When the police arrived he was arrested for petty theft whilst I got congratulated)

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