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(My family owns a takeaway which has been open for many years, of which me and my brothers are employed. It’s around about half 10 at night, coming to the end of a very very busy Saturday. An elderly woman phones up who had ordered during the rush hour)

Me: “Hello, [Business Name]?”
Customer: “Hello, I made a delivery order for [Address],”
Me: “Oh, hang on just a second” (I’m currently upstairs at this point, so I rush down to the computer. I take a minute to find her order receipt, and read it back to her.)
Customer: “I ordered a chicken curry, and there was very little chicken in it, there was God knows what meat you put into it.” (By this point, I tell her to wait again and explain to my parents who are also the chefs. It turns out that because it had gotten so busy, they had accidentally given her a beef curry)
Me: “I’m very sorry, but we were very busy and it turns out that we’ve accidentally given you a beef curry instead of a chicken curry. If you want, we can give you a proper one right now.”
Customer:”It’s half 10 in the night!”
Me: “Okay, well we can give you the difference off your next order.”
Customer: “I’ve been eating here for 4 years, I’m absolutely disgusted at the service I’ve received. Me and my family and all of the [Area where business is located] will never eat here again. I’ll be sure to write to the [Area of business newspaper] and tell everybody about it.”
Me: “Well, that’s your choice, and I’m very sad to see you go.”
Customer: “Well it is my choice. I don’t care how busy you are, it’s no excuse to put God knows what meat in a chicken curry.”
Me: “That’s not what I said though.”
Customer: “Good night.”
Me: “Good night.”

(It was quite clear that her husband was spoon feeding her what to say, as I could hear a man talking to her in the background. I edited the computer records so that when she rang up again, it would come up that she was banned and we haven’t heard from her since.)

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