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(A patron approaches me with a question about a small fine on her account.)

Patron: I’m never late, and I know those books weren’t late, because I handed them to the lady at the counter and she checked them in right there!

Me: All right, let me look and see what went happened.

(I look up the history, and see that she turned them in at one of our sister libraries that can still check in our items and send them back to us.)

Me: All right, so you handed them to the lady at (other library) and she checked them in right there?

Patron: Uh..I…I don’t remember which library! But I know she checked them in right away!

Me: Do you remember when? Our computer is showing that your books were checked in on (date), but they were due back on (earlier date).

Patron: Well I don’t remember which library, but I know I turned them in on time.

Me: If you want to, you can call (other library) and ask them about it. If you gave them the books at the counter they should have been checked in then instead of four days later.

Patron: Oh, I’ll pay the fine, but I’m never late. Never.

Me: All right. When you bring these books back, we can check them in right here and give you a confirmation receipt so this doesn’t happen again.

(The patron stares at me for an uncomfortable amount of time.

Patron: Thanks.

(I’m still not sure if the patron was deliberately trying to get out of paying fines or if she was just very confused.)

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