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I (a young Caucasian woman) was working the register alongside my (older Indian woman) coworker. We were both ringing from the same line.

A middle-aged Caucasian man came to my register and mumbled something under his breath, but I could see him eyeballing my coworker. I began ringing his items up. He continued talking louder indicating that he was glad I was ringing him up instead of my coworker. Finally, he said, “And what’s with that writing on her hand? Is it terrorist plans!?”

I took the basket of his stuff, placed everything behind the counter while stating that it was a henna tattoo and that she was one of the sweetest women I knew. I sternly told him to leave the store, that I would not do business with a racist like him. He was so shocked by my reaction that he just turned and left. My manager, who overheard most of the exchange, gestured to me with a nod of approval and we all went about our business.

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