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(My husband is working as a cashier and the store has a promotion going on. Near the end of his shift, a foreign customer comes in with a huge amount of shopping, which entitles her to nearly twenty coupons, but she doesn’t want any. My husband is also ordered to close and count his till. This leaves him in an awkward position as the number of coupons has to match the sum of all transactions. Since the final prizes are potentially large, he has to treat the coupons as if they were cash: he cannot destroy, pocket or hand them off, but whoever wrote the rules clearly did not think of all the possibilities. My husband goes to the help desk to get instructions, but get passed from manager to manager since no one wants to take responsibility. Finally someone comes up with a definitive solution: hand over the coupons to the store manager.)

Husband: “The store manager? Over a bunch of worthless coupons? She may not even be in the office now!”

Manager: “I know, but I cannot accept them. We must follow the regulations.”

Husband: “Well, if you say so… my shift ended fifteen minutes ago, and I’m not supposed to wear my uniform in the store when I’m off duty. Toodle-oo.”

(Leaves the coupons on the desk, heads for the locker room.)

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