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(I’ve started working at this place for about a month. I had just been through the training about gift card fraud, our store policies, etc. This is a week or so before Thanksgiving, and close to closing, so it’s basically myself, and a manager. I’m up front manning the registers, and there’s no other customers around. )

Customer: *flags me down by the gift cards*

Me: Something you’re looking for?

Customer: Do you have any American Express Gift Cards for $200?

Me: *outright confused* Sorry, but no. The American Express Gift Cards only go up to $100, we have Mastercard and Visa that go up to $200, you could always get two.

(Our gift cards are on a multi-sided display, and opens on one side where we backstock the cards, the holders, and batteries)

Him: *opens the display’s door* Check in there. You should have some in there.

Me: *now suspicious, and a little irritated* Everything we have up here is already on the display.*closing the door*

(He had walked off, and I just for kicks and giggles, open it, glance, batteries and gift cards, no surprise there, and then shut it, didn’t even see him around. The second I shut it…)

Him: *from already past the registers* OH COME ON! YOU DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER TO LOOK IN THERE! *storms out*

Me: …

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