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I used to run a pub back in the day, and used to get a lot of complaints. This one stands out:

Older customer walks in, comes to the bar:

Customer: I would like a pint of Coca Cola please

Me: Certainly, would you like ice with that?

Customer: Yes please

I serve the customer, take the money, and she leaves. She comes back to the bar 2 minutes later, with an empty glass:

Customer: Excuse me, I would like to make a complaint

Me: I’m very sorry to hear that, what seems to be the problem?

Customer: This Coca Cola was too cold, and it’s too fizzy. I want my money back.

Me: OK, if you give the drink back, I’ll replace it

Customer: I’ve drunk it, but I still want my money back.

Me: I’m very sorry, but as you have drunk it, I will be unable to give you a refund.

Customer: I want your manager

Me: I am the manager

Customer: You’re a f****** jobsworth, I’m never coming back here!

Me: OK

Coworker: What the f*** just happened??

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