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I work for a cell phone retail store that also has a repair center. We always recommend a customer gets insurance on the phones we sell and explain to the customer how it works. The customer just purchased an iPhone 6 Plus 128Gb which has a retail cost of $1,150.

Me : I highly recommend getting the insurance on this phone. If anything major happens to it you just have to pay a $200 deductible and you’ll get sent a replacement.

Customer : insurance is a waste of money and a scam to take even more money from people too stupid to see it.

He then leaves and a week later comes back to exchange his phone.

Customer : my phone doesn’t woek. (Shoves box into my hands.

Me : (Opening the box I see why) I’m sorry Sir this phone is completely shattered I can’t exchange it, that’s why I recommended the insurance.

Customer : but I’ve only had it a week, can’t you just add insurance so I can repair it?

Me : I’m sorry Sir, that would be insurance fraud. I can’t do that or I can lose my job.

Customer : I don’t care, put it on so I can get a new one or I’ll corporate and get your ass fired.

Me : Well Sir I don’t like being threatened so you can get out of my store. (And I give him his broken phone)

Customer : Well what are you going yo do about it you stupid f**?

Me : I’m going to call the police (and pick up the phone and start dialing)

Customer runs away and never returns.

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