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So while working I had what we called a floor phone where we answered customer questions on products.  This also happened in 2005.

Me:  Hello this is <store>, <name> speaking.  How may i help you?

Customer:  Hello I just a wireless router from your store and now it is not working.

Me: Okay what the brand of your router.

Customer : XYZ brand.

Me: Does the computer you have have a wireless card?

Customer : Yes it ZYX laptop and it built in.

Me: Okay can explain to me what you have done?

Customer: Yes I took the router of the box and put it on the table and won’t work.

Me: Ma’am did you plug it in at all and set it up?

Customer: Not it is wireless so I shouldn’t have to plug it in at all.  Why doesn’t it work out of the box.

Me: Ma’am I recommend you come in take advantage of having a tech come out to your place to set it up for you.

Phone hangs up there.

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