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(I was working as a Cashier for the front register, we get plenty of strange orders and very rarely had issues while I was working register, first time for everything though)

Eldery Customer: Do you have the Gordita Crunch here?

(Honestly no idea what that is)

Me:  I’m sorry that was a seasonal promotion, we no longer make it.

Eldery Customer: Well alright, can I place a custom order?

Me: Sure can! What can I do for you?

Eldery Customer: Would like two soft shell tacos with nacho cheese in between them with Meat and shredded cheese inside.

(I ring her up with the order and briefly explain to the line workers what she said with in moments the order is done)

Me: Here you go ma’am!

(The customer proceeds to take out the taco, open the wrapping and takes a bite)

Eldery customer: This is raw!

Me: I’m sorry? I might of made a mistake in your order, could you please explain it to me again and we’ll remake it for you free of charge!

(Moments later, the customer repeats the process)

Eldery customer: This is still raw! Get me your manager!

(Bewildered I get the manager on duty)

Manager: What seems to be the problem ma’am?

Elderly customer: I ordered a (repeats order) and it is raw!

Manager: I am sorry, we did it exactly as you asked, all our ingredients are fresh and up to standards.

Elderly Customer: Make it again!

(The manager herself does it, the customer repeats the process)

Elderly Customer: This is still RAW!

Manager: I assure you ma’am there is nothing raw about it, has the exact ingredients you said for us to add to it. Everything’s cooked and or fresh, we also prepare it as soon as you order.

Elderly customer: No! This is raw! That’s it, I’m leaving. Give me a refund!

Manager: Alright ma’am but I need the taco back.

(The customer proceeds to huff then throws the remains the taco at the manager and walks away without getting the refund)

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