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Customer is talking to my former manager who has worked at the store for over a decade about coupons and their proper usage. she then proceeds to walk up to my register to get her items swiped.

Customer:  So I hope you know how to use these coupons here because that guy over there clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about

Me:  Okay (I swipe her things and realize she is a worker at another location because of her discount card, I then proceed to read her coupon which states clearly one coupon per customer per purchase)  Ma’am this coupon states one coupon per customer per purchase.

Customer:  Well that’s what they all read but you can ring up to 4 of them up at a time that’s what that other lady did.  You just don’t know the jargon for it.

Me:  Uhm it clearly states right here one coupon per customer per purchase ( I proceed to point at the location) but if you really want it to use those two this purchase I guess I can let it slide.

Co worker:  Yeah he’s actually leaving here really soon so if he get’s in trouble for the coupons it won’t really make a huge deal.

Customer:  It shouldn’t matter that your leaving this job soon, you should be told how these coupons work.

Me:  Okay let me just void the item and the coupon and we can get the second one in a separate transaction.  By any chance are you a law student, you seem to kno—-

Customer: No how dare you think I’m a law student I’m offended.  Also why are you putting my item in that bin ( I had placed the item in the returns bin on accident)

Me:  Oh whoops sorry I placed it there by mistake  (finishes ringing her up while secretly thinking in my head what kind of person gets offended by being called a law student)

Customer:  Oh also would you mind letting me see your next customer in line I want to make sure you’re not rude to her too. (She then proceeds to give me the evil eye while I ring up my next customer)