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I work in an ice cream shop in a tourist filled area on the beach. It was a relatively easy day up until this point.

Customer: Hi, can I get a large vanilla soft serve in a cone with cherry dip?

Me: Of course. [Coworkers name] Can you get that?

Coworker: sure

After about 3 attempts and the ice cream falling off the cone each time, we confront the customer about the issue.

Me: I’m sorry but the ice cream isn’t staying on the cone, we can put it in a bowl with a cone on top for you if you’d like

Customer: no. I want it on the cone.

Coworker: I understand, but I’m sorry we just aren’t able to do it.

Customer: I understand that, but you need to give me what I want or give me my money back so I can go somewhere with more capable employees.

Me: well, if you come right down here, I’d be happy to give you a refund.

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