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(I worked as a customer service representative for a newspaper company for a while.)

Customer: Can you explain to me why I didn’t receive a newspaper today?

Me: Sure, may I have your address? *customer gives address* Okay, sir, it looks like you didn’t pay your last bill.

Customer: What?!

Me: You didn’t pay your last bill.

Customer: Well, I never got one.

Me: Actually, it says that we sent two out. One on the third and one on the 12th.

Customer: Well, that’s ridiculous! How much do I need to pay to get a paper today?

Me: *calculates amount and tells him*

Customer: There is no way in hell I’m paying that! This is ridiculous, goodbye!

*At this point, the customer tried to hang up the phone, but apparently didn’t do so correctly. We weren’t allowed to hang up on customers, so I stayed on the phone about 10 seconds longer to make sure the phone hung up on his end. I heard this instead*

Customer: That stupid b**** tried to tell me that I owed all of this money for a s***** paper! Well, I’ll tell you what, she’s a f****** crazy b**** if she thinks I’m paying that!

Me: Sir! Sir! Sir!


Me: You never hung up the phone and I heard everything.

Customer: Oh. *hangs up*

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