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Co-worker leads a customer to me, co-worker has strong accent and doesn’t always show a good grasp of english.

Co-worker  “(My name) this lady is after (bad pronunciation)”.

Me “Sorry I didn’t get that, what was it again?”

Co-worker *instead of asking customer “(Bad pronunciation), what is?”

Me *to customer “Sorry, what were you after?”

Customer ” (Yarn brand)”

Me “No sorry we don’t have that brand, it’s…”

Customer “This is a yarn shop,  first she doesn’t know what I mean and now you tell me that you don’t carry it, I’ve bought it here before.  I know you have it”.

Me “No, it’s not possible that you bought it here because it’s (competitor’s) own brand”.

Customer “No it isn’t I bought it a few weeks ago from you”.

Me “No, we’ve never sold that brand, it’s (competitor’s) own brand”.

Customer “I’m telling you that I bought it from YOUR shop before it moved from (nearby location) to here.”

Me “(Competitor) was in (nearby location), they moved last year, we’ve been here for 4 years”

Customer “It doesn’t matter as you are (competitor)”.

Me “Umm, no we are actually (company) not (competitor).”

Customer “What? You sell the same stuff”

Me “Similar but not the same”.

Customer “So you don’t have (brand)”.

Me “Uh, no”.

Customer “So where did (competitor) move to?”

Me “(location 10 minutes drive away)”

Customer “How do you know what (competitor) sells?”

Me “I used to work there”.

Customer “So how much is (brand)”..

Me “I have no idea”.

Customer “But you used to work there”.

Me “Yes over 5 years ago and (brand) is a brand name not just a single product, you will need to go there”.

Customer “But it’s so far away.  Can’t you ring them?”

Me “Um sorry no, I can’t ring our competitor, you will have to do it yourself”.

She finally got the hint and left.

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