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(I used to work in a chain coffee store. Our store had an ATM however it did not belong to our store owners and was on loan from a larger company, it just contains our store’s name on it and a note that said it does not belong to our store and if there were any issues to call a 1-800 number. I’m taking orders on drive thru which happens to be right next to the ATM when this happens.)

Customer: Excuse me! Excuse me! *bangs on the counter*
Me: Hi! How may I help you?
Customer: Your ATM is broken!
Me: Oh I’m sorry. How so?
Customer: Well I wanted to make a withdrawal and it asked if I wanted my balance. I said yes and it only gave me my balance! It didn’t give me my money! It ate my money!
Me: Alright. To be honest, sir, I don’t know anything about the ATM. Let me get a shift leader or manager okay?
Customer: *mumbles* stupid b****

(I grab a shift leader and she approaches the customer)

Shift leader: Hello so we don’t own the ATM. If you’re having an issue there’s a 1-800 number you can call.
Customer: It doesn’t say that!
Shift leader: It does right at the bottom sir *leans over the counter and points to the note*
Customer: Yeah well f*** you!

(my shift leader then walks away and grabs my manager who literally runs out of her office and tries to calmly approach the customer)

Manager: Hi there I’m the manager may I ask what the issue is?
Customer: Your ATM doesn’t work for s***!
Manager: Well the ATM doesn’t belong to us. There’s a 1-800 number you can call however.
Customer: It doesn’t say that!
Manager: Yes it does. *points to the note* it’s right there.
Customer: That’s not helpful!
Manager: Well I’m afraid that’s the only option. By the way, you don’t need to swear at my employees.
Customer: Oh please they’re young they hear it all the time. It doesn’t matter.
Manager: It does matter and if you’re going to treat them that way I’m going to have to ask you to leave.
Customer: You can’t do that to me! I haven’t eaten yet!
Manager: I’m sorry but I’m asking you leave. I will call the police if you refuse to leave my store.
Customer: Fine! Call them! I’m not leaving until I’m damn well ready to! Call the damn police! I will call an ambulance and tell them you’re harassing me!
Manager: Alright. Fine. I’m going to go call the police then. I expect you to leave as soon as possible.
Customer: *yelling across the store as the manager is leaving to get the phone* ALL I WANTED WAS TO COME HERE AND GET BREAKFAST. I DIDN’T EXPECT THIS B*******! THIS IS BEYOND RIDICULOUS!

(my manager calls the police as the customer sits there and slowly eats his food. As soon as my manager hangs up the customer gets up, throws away what he hasn’t eaten, and goes to leave)


(thankfully my manager was able to call the police again and tell them not to come.

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