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(I’m working in a popular teen store and a popular band comes across the radio)
*A customer storms up*
Customer: What is this s***?
Me: It’s (Popular Band)
Customer: Well turn it off!
Me: May I ask why you need me to turn it off?
Customer: The people in this band have tattoos and piercings!
Me: You have a tattoo. *Points out a tattoo of a pinup girl*
Customer: Well that’s different.
Me: That is not, sir.
Customer: I demand to see a manger
Me: *Calls across store* Honey! This guy demands to see you
*Manger (My Husband) comes up*
Him: What’s the problem?
Me: *Explains Situation*
Customer: This b**ch is lying, she said i am a fat-a**-f**
Me: Would you-
Husband:*Cuts me off* Let me go review the tapes
Customer: No need, she lies.
Me: *Grabs my phone and rings my brother* Bro, this dude is being a d****e bag.
Brother: *enters store* Hello, are you being mean.
Customer: Well, no,yes,maybe. I WANT TO SEE THE OWNER!!!
Brother: (Note he is roughly 6’3″) I am the owner, please leave.
Customer: NO
Me: *Gets tapes and shows them to my husband and brother*
Husband&Brother: Get out please,
Customer: Fine-But i will report you and sue you lying fat-a** b**ches

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