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(One of our departments is notorious for consisting mainly of middle-aged women who don’t seem to be the most… jolly. The sphere up there is one of silence and grumpiness, with some people doing their work quite slow and sloppy. The only male coworker at the department is also slow and sloppy. Like his coworkers, he rarely smiles and he complains a lot. One day, he has to work downstairs with us, which we do not really enjoy. When he goes out for a break, I can’t resist saying something to my team leader and another supervisor.)

Me: *jokingly* “You know, that was a very rare thing, back there. It’s a very strange experience to see the man smile.”

Supervisor: “You call that a man?”

Me: “Ehm… yes…? What would you call him, then?”

Supervisor: “A eunuch. Since he hasn’t got any balls.”

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